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ESG Report

Energix Renewables Energies Ltd. published its first ESG report, covering the environmental, economic, and social impacts of our activity in 2020.


"As we work in the field of producing clean, renewable energy, Energix's commitment to the environment is not only what we do, it defines who we are. One of our main goals is taking a leading role in the renewable “green revolution". I am pleased to see that the climate crisis – and the actions necessary to address it – is gaining a significant place in the public discourse, and that many countries have committed to taking significant steps in order to combat this issue..." "...We chose to compile this report in a unique way in order to emphasize the Company's core values: excellence, long-distance running, transparency, creativity, and team spirit. These values define the Company's culture and the way Energix and each of our employees operate"  -  Energix CEO Asi Levinger 

Download the 2020 ESG Report: