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Your Virginia Solar Energy Partner

Energix U.S. is one of the leading solar energy developers in Virginia, owning and operating its renewable energy projects for the long-term. We leverage our financial strength, including access to capital markets and extensive industry experience to build utility scale solar projects that create value for local communities, the environment, and our landowner partners. 



Our commitment. Energix U.S. is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia and is the subsidiary of a publicly traded renewable energy company. Our work is based on a set of core values: professionalism, transparency, and loyalty. Through these values, we deliver excellence throughout the entire project life cycle- from development to construction and beyond.  

One-Stop-Shop.  We are an Independent Power Producer (IPP) that sites, develops, constructs, owns and operates renewable energy projects. We see each project through its entire lifecycle which makes us a reliable partner through every step of the process. This long-term approach allows us to develop mutually beneficial relationships with our landowners, host communities and local governments. Knowing that we will own and operate projects for the long term means that we have a strong incentive to work cooperatively with local communities and build projects to the highest quality standards. 

Experience.  We have successfully built over 400MW of renewable energy projects and have an additional 800MW of projects under construction or in late-stage development. In addition, we have over 1,000MW of renewable energy projects in early/mid-stage development. That is enough to deliver carbon-free electricity to hundreds of thousands of homes. Our experience, financial strength and network of strategic partners allow us to adapt to market changes and design solutions to respond to growing energy demands. 

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Landowner Benefits. For landowners, solar projects provide an amazing source of high-value passive income through long-term lease agreements.  This income stream helps diversify revenue sourced from the land.  Since this income is guaranteed, landowners receive enhanced financial security. If you are thinking about retiring from farming, solar can support your land staying in the family without the need to actively farm or manage your property. Future generations can return to active farming after the solar project is removed.


Community Benefits.  Solar projects create multiple revenue streams for local communities.  Through State mandated taxing protocols, solar projects help fund local governments.  The yearly revenues are often directly allocated to local schools and fundamental county services (police, fire dept., etc.).  Moreover, localities receive additional property tax revenue from the land value increase caused by solar projects, with the increase in property taxes paid for by Energix. 


Solar projects directly stimulate local job markets by increasing the demand for labor. Energix attempts to hire as many local workers as possible.  These workers receive on-site solar installation experience.  With the US solar industry’s average annual growth rate of 49%, this experience can jumpstart long-term careers for local citizens.  For positions we cannot fill locally, we house non-local workers in local hotels and allocates per diem spending for food.  This spending creates and supports jobs in the local hospitality sector.

Environmental Benefits. Outside the ultimate environmental benefit of not producing greenhouse gas emissions, solar projects have many local environmental benefits.  Solar projects are pollutant free, do not emit noise, have very low impact on the land, and create habitat for pollinators. Solar projects do not permanently alter soil, groundwater or agricultural potential of the land. In fact, solar projects preserve the land and allow it to rest from traditional farming increasing its farming potential for the future.  In some cases, solar projects allow for “dual use” farming, wherein landowners lease only a portion of their property and continue farming the remaining land. This allows for supplementing regular income from farming with the revenue from a solar lease. There are several examples of solar projects located adjacent to crop farms, grazing pastures, bee colonies, tree or flower nurseries.

To learn more about how solar can benefit you and your community, call us at 703.373.7268 or email


Energix U.S. has a portfolio of over 1.5GW of utility-scale solar energy projects across the US





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